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Emotional Contagion

Is “Emotional Contagion” Effective for Attracting Women?

Is “Emotional Contagion” Effective for Attracting Women?

Most men don’t know how to attract women.

They end up saying all the wrong things and pretending to be someone they’re not. This usually achieves very little success.

Studies suggest that you attract women by using “emotional contagion.

How is it better?

Because it explains how to influence women using your emotions. Your emotional state matters more to women than the words you use. This article will explain why.

So let’s first answer…

What is Emotional Contagion?

It’s when one person’s emotions can make another feel the same way. They’re ‘transmitting’ the emotions to each other.

You know those times when:

  • Your energy is low and you don’t want to go out, but then your buddy blasts your favorite music and dances like a fool, and suddenly you’re feeling fantastic and ready to hit the club?
  • You feel happy, but then your sad friend comes and tells you their sad story, and your happiness goes away?
  • You feel unmotivated to work on your goals, but then you watch an episode of going. Now you feel like you can dominate the world.

Yeah, that’s emotional contagion at work.

Your brain has something called “mirror neurons.” Your mirror neurons copy and “mirror” the behavior of who you’re interacting with.

Mirrors neurons not only copy behavior; they copy the emotions that cause it.

And that’s the key.

When your friend starts dancing, you start to feel the same emotions and start dancing too.

Watching Gary get excited on screen makes you feel the same way, taking action toward your goals.

This is the beauty of emotional contagion.

How Does Emotional Contagion Relate to Women?

Because the first step to attracting a woman is through her emotions. And the best way to change her emotions is through your emotions.

This study claims women have a much stronger sense of emotional empathy compared to men.

Most men tend to be wordier and more logical, but most women tend to be more emotional.

Women are good at reading emotions because they sense how you feel without you saying it.

What does Emotional Contagion mean?

They’re good at knowing when you’re “feeling it” and when you’re “faking it.”; this determines if they accept you or reject you. This judgment usually happens before you can finish your pickup line.

Can You Create Attraction Using Emotional Contagion?

The science of emotional contagion says you can show your attraction for her by your behavior.

Get closer to her, touch her, make suggestive comments, flirt…

Otherwise known as “escalating.”

If you’re feeling a desire and attraction, she’ll feel it too. Her mirror neurons will copy your emotions and she’ll have a better chance of feeling it too.

She will know how you are feeling, as if you’ve transferred it to her.


Here’s a suggestion for you to try next time you meet a woman:

  • Try approaching and talking to her while leading with a sense of confidence.
  • One of the major emotions women are heavily influenced by is self-esteem. Women love confidence because it shows they’re confident. This is why it’s attractive. This has a greater chance of getting her emotionally empathizing and feeling comfortable with you.
  • It might be a cliché, but confidence is key, as proven by science.
  • Your emotions play a big role in attracting that stunner at the bar. Emotional contagion is one of the science of attraction’s principles.
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