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Emotional Contagion

How Seducers Attract Girls Victimization Emotional Contagion

emotional contagion is potent however under-discussed development within the fields of coming together and seduction is emotional contagion, the tendency for emotions between 2 or additional individuals to converge.

Emotional contagion is the foundation of frame management and is of important importance too in making sexual tension and social pressure, in remaining in command of yourself et al. in air mass things, and in effectively leading girls (and men, too).

You might say it is a case of “the person with the foremost solid and catchable emotions wins.”

Today’s article is the initial of a two-part series on emotional transference, with 2 articles targeted on:

How to transfer your emotions to others, and

How to shield yourself from others’ negative emotional transfers

Done right, the emotional transfer is an excellent tool for making the emotions in girls that you just wish them to feel, and rising their expertise, your expertise, and also the outcome of your interactions.

And whereas “emotional contagion” and “emotional transference” may sound initially like New Age-y loving mumbo large, it’s indeed onerous science, and it all should do with the fascinating very little cells in your brain known as “mirror neurons.”

Emotional contagion

Yes, indeed do.

I’m certain you’ve got full-fledged this lots of times yourself:

That time you were feeling nice… till some dour friend of yours came on and drop all his troubles on you, creating you’re feeling as awful as he did

That time you were down in the dumps, till someone told you many jokes and shared a comic story concerning one thing that happened to her recently and suddenly you were riant and chatting as if you’d been fine right along

That time you visited the party feeling tired and drained, however, when a brief while around the people there – even before the alcohol started kicking in – you were talking, dancing, flirting, and having a ball

“No man is an associate island,” man of the cloth aforementioned.

He may even as well have aforementioned, “Man could be a lake within the middle of an ocean.”

For things, effuse people, and things flow in.

How Emotional Contagion Works

“We outline emotional contagion because of the tendency to mechanically mimic and synchronize expressions, vocalizations, postures, and movements with those of another person’s and, consequently, to converge showing emotion.”

That’s an associate excerpt shaping the topic from the paper “Emotional Contagion”, initially revealed in Current Directions in science in 1993 by Elaine Hatfield, John T. Cacioppo, and Richard L. Rapson. whereas they note others as way back as Smith in 1759 had projected a way of humans mimicking one another’s emotional displays, it was solely within the past twenty-five years that awareness of this development very gained a lot of traction.

I’d been tuned in to emotional contagion since I used to be a touch boy growing up in the Eighties. I did not grasp what it absolutely was or how it worked tho’… I simply knew that it was simple on my behalf of me to create people feel however I wished them to feel. I simply thought I had a “power.”

And whereas it might be assuming to rule out associate clairvoyant basis altogether – there still is not any vital refutation of the positive findings of the massive range of current ganzfeld anomalous communication experiments, as an example – because it seems, emotional contagion doesn’t want the supernatural to be explained.

It exists courtesy of a way more mundane clarification.

The manner emotional contagion appears to figure is that the brain analyzes the voices, facial expressions, and alternative nonverbal cues of people, and then mimics them. This mimicry – spurred on by the brain’s “mirror neurons”, a collection of brain cells alone dedicated to creating individuals feel what they observe people feeling, to bring them feeling} in sync – feeds back to the brain’s emotion centres, inflicting mirroring not simply outwardly – in one’s voice, expressions, and cues – however internally, in addition – in what one truly feels.

emotional contagion

Thus the term “emotional contagion” – because it seems, smiles very area unit contagious… and misery will love company.

Power and feeling

I’m planning to share a study with you currently that is initially planning to appear confusing and unreasonable, however, it’s completely key to however we tend to use emotional contagion in enticing and social things, therefore bear with Pine Tree State.

Elaine Hatfield associated 3 alternative researchers who revealed an earlier study – in 1989 – within which emotional contagion was studied in conjunction with personal power. The study – titled “The impact of power on status to emotional contagion” – ran on the hypothesis that people in engulfed positions (e.g., employee, student, inmate, etc.) would pay additional attention to their superior’s emotions and be additional probably to “catch” those superiors’ emotions, then superiors in positions of power (e.g., boss, teacher, lawman, politician, etc.) would be to theirs.

However… the study tried otherwise:

“This study explored 2 questions:

Do individuals tend to show knowledge of alternative people’s emotions?

If therefore, what impact will power wear people’s status to emotional contagion?

we tend to speculate that the engulfed ought to pay additional attention to their superiors (than their superiors pay to them) and will therefore be particularly probably to “catch” their superion’ emotions in addition. faculty students, given the role of “teacher” (powerful person) or “learner” (powerless person), ascertained videotapes of associate other (fictitious) subjects relating emotional expertise. They were asked what emotions they felt as they watched their partner describe the happiest and saddest event in his life. additionally, they were videotaped as they watched the tape. As foreseen, clear proof of emotional contagion was obtained during this controlled laboratory setting. However, an instantaneous (rather than inverse) relation between power and emotional contagion was found. Powerful subjects were additional probably to show their subordinate’s feelings than subordinates were to show those of the powerful alternative. many potential explanations for these sudden results were projected.”

It is not the engulfed WHO area unit most vulnerable to emotional contagion. it’s powerful.

So however, will this work?

To get our heads around emotional contagion’s power dynamic, I would wish to raise you to suppose the initial of the person treed in victim mentality.

The typical person with a victim mentality:

  • Sees himself because the victim of additional powerful superiors, WHO management is the key to him obtaining what he needs and desires not
  • Views himself as laden or shortchanged by additional powerful forces
  • Believes that the items he needs and desires area unit outside of his control; he’s unable to direct his own life and destiny in some or all ways in which
  • In alternative words, somebody WHO believes he’s a victim of anyone/something has placed himself into a subordinate role, mentally.
  • He is somebody low in power.
  • And how simply swayed area unit individuals within the victim role?
  • Have you ever tried?
  • I have… incalculable times. it is a lure.

You cannot modify someone’s mind once he sees himself as a victim… he won’t hear you. He will not entertain your views.

And, he’s mostly proof against your ability to impress emotions on him… significantly, sensible emotions.

An individual within the subordinate role is simply too disturbed concerning himself to pay a lot of time caring about what you’re doing, thinking, or feeling.

As a subordinate, all he will rely on is him.

What Being “Relatable” very Is

Intriguing to Pine Tree State has been the link between emotional contagion and deep diving/screening and qualifying girls / ennobling girls.

You might even be ready to say that an outsized part of what makes these therefore effective with girls is that they permit a lady to feel additionally authorized and, thus, her circle of emotional awareness is ready to expand, and permit her to additionally simply catch your emotions.

It appears to figure like this:

A woman you haven’t connected and/or with whom there’s no powerful feeling of instant attraction feels weird, awkward, or creeped out if you are attempting to move things together with her too quickly or get away from a powerfully sexual ambience on her too early; the feeling she sees in you appears inappropriate to her, she feels psychological feature dissonance, and he or she rebels against it

Alternately, a lady you have got deep-dived and completely screened feels like she has affected you together with her qualifications (she’s empowered); a lady you have got galvanized feels like she may withstand the planet, along with your support (she’s empowered); and a lady WHO sees you and instantly feels drawn to you is relating you to a person she’s had extremely positive experiences with within the past, and feels assured she will have them with you (again, she’s empowered)

In every one of the 3 situations wherever a lady is deep-dived and screened and qualified, galvanized, or feels instant attraction upon seeing and meeting you, SHE FEELS authorized.

And, currently authorized, she tunes into and mirrors back to you your emotions all the higher.

You might even say that this can be the crux of what “being relatable” is all about: it’s, simply, creating a lady feel authorized around you.

How to Use Emotional Contagion with Others

In most articles, this can be wherever I would place a listing of seven or ten steps for you to follow to start victimisation the technique du jour promptly.

This time around, I’ve solely got 2 for you:



If you wish it spelt out a touch additional in-depth, here it is:

Empower. Before that alternative person, you are reprehension goes to be receptive to catching your emotions, she should initially feel POWERFUL. If she feels weak, subordinate, or off-balance, she’s going to not catch your emotions. This in all probability comes as a touch of a surprise if you are accustomed to customary seduction logic; however, I believed you were alleged to be the dominant alpha male. you may say. And whereas you are doing wish girls to follow your lead and view you as a robust individual, you furthermore might wish them to feel like they’re absolved to do what they need around you – one thing a student sometimes wouldn’t feel around a coach, or associate worker a boss. you would like girls to desire they’ll let their hair down and pursue you as sharply as they like – and that is concerning feeling powerful, not weak.

Emote. future step – once she’s feeling powerful – is obtaining her to feel, period. The emotions you would like a lady to feel in an exceeding seduction area unit are generally sexual excitement and anticipation. The emotions you would like alternatives to feel in other social things will be something from soft on to astonied to snug to look at relaxed. All you have got to try and do to create individuals feel these items is wear those emotions on your face and body while creating eye contact with them once they feel connected to you and authorized around you. At that time, they start to simply catch what you play.

emotional contagions, it is.

The secret to being smart at victimisation emotional contagion – at transferring your emotions to folks|people|others} – comes right down to being adept at creating people want they matter.

If you’ll communicate to people that you just believe they’re vital and powerful, and may do something they come into being to try to do – and you’ll communicate this in as very little as a glance or a look, generally – those individuals are receptive receiving emotions from you.

Because they feel powerful.

Because they feel secure.

Because they’re ready to expand their emotional awareness outside of themselves and wrestle with the emotions of others.

When you empower 1st and play second, you’ll use this one-two punch to impress upon others the emotions that you’ve got referred to as up in yourself. And you’ll use this to scare up a touch of additional sexual tension and arousal with stunning women; to convey a sense of heat with new acquaintances; to strike simply the proper tone of responsibility and condition with prospective employers and your new girlfriend’s family alike.

Emotional contagion is powerful magic… and you’ll use it to form your interactions that are abundant nearer and additional intimate.

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Greetings, I am Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi, a psychologist with extensive expertise in criminal behavior and its impact on psychological well-being. I hold a Master of Physics (Honors), a Master of Philosophy, a Master of Psychology, and a PhD in Psychology from BHU in India.Over the past 13 years, I have been privileged to serve more than 3200 patients with unique and varied psychological needs. My clinical work is guided by a deep passion for helping individuals navigate complex psychological issues and live more fulfilling lives.As a recognized contributor to the field of psychology, my articles have been published in esteemed Indian news forums, such as The Hindu, The Times of India, and Punjab Kesari. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been honored by the Government of Israel for my contributions to the Psychological Assistance Program.I remain committed to advancing our understanding of psychology and its applications through my ongoing research, which can be found on leading online libraries such as Science Direct, Wiley, Elsevier, Orcid, Google Scholar, and loop Frontiers. I am also an active contributor to Quora, where I share my insights on various psychological issues.Overall, I see myself as a lifelong student of psychology, constantly learning and growing from my patients, colleagues, and peers. I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to serve others in this field and to contribute to our collective understanding of the human mind and behavior.

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