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Why Are Women Special?

Why Are Women Special?

The Woman Is The Complementary Power Of Man, She Is The Greatest Strength Of Man. A Man’s Life Is Incomplete Without A Woman, A Woman Completes Him. A Man’s Life Is Dark, So A Woman Creates Light In Him.
If The Life Of A Man Is Dull, Then The Woman Makes Him Happy. It Is The Woman Who Makes The Man’s Desolated Garden Flourish With Femininity.

Therefore, perhaps the first human of the world had also descended on the earth in the form of a pair.  It is mentioned in all the Puranas and stories of the world.  Our ancient religious text Manusmriti also mentions its explanatory_

dvidhā kṛtvātmano dehaṃ ardhena puruṣo:’bhavat |

ardhena nārī tasyāṃ sa virājaṃ asṛjatprabhuḥ

द्विधा कृत्वात्मनो देहं अर्धेन पुरुषोऽभवत् ।

 अर्धेन नारी तस्यां स विराजं असृजत्प्रभुः ।

Hiranyagarbha split his body into two parts. Half a man and half a woman were created.’

Many such narratives prove that man and woman are two forms of the same entity and are complementary to each other.  Still, due to duty, responsibility, and sacrifice, the woman is far greater than the man. She not accompanies the man in the journey of life, but also gives him strength and inspiration when the time comes, making his life journey smooth, pleasant, aliphatic, and joyful.  The woman acts as a fertilizer for the man’s powers.

A great scholar like Mahadevi Verma has also written about the greatness of women_

“Woman is not just a body of flesh, by supporting man on the path of development from primitive times till today, making his journey successful, by bearing his curses himself and filling his life with inexhaustible power with her boons, the personality, consciousness and  Developed the heart, the synonym of that is a woman.”

“naaree keval means pind kee sangya nahin hai, aadim kaal se aaj tak vikaas path par purush ka saath dekar usakee yaatra ko saphal banaakar, usake abhishaapon ko svayan jhelakar aur apane varadaanon se jeevan mein akshay shakti bhar kar maanavee ne jis vyaktitv, chetana aur hrday ka vikaas kiya hai usee ka paryaay naaree hai.”

There is no doubt that the woman is the embodiment of the heavenly light on the earth, her speech is the source of nectar for life. In her eyes, there are glimpses of compassion, simplicity, and joy.

Her humor has an unparalleled ability to remove all the gloom and bitterness of the world. The woman is a cool shade for a troubled heart, she is the embodiment of love and courtesy.

In the words of Acharya Chatursen Shastri_

“Woman is life for man’s power. Sacrifice is her nature, giving is her religion, tolerance is her vow and love is her life.”

Kavindra (all poets and deities), and Rabindra (all-star classes and divine power) have listened to the music of the free form of young life in the happiness of women.

Jaishankar Prasad has said_

“naaree keval tum shraddha ho,

vishvaas rajat nag pag tal mein।

peeyoosh srot see baha karo,

jeevan ke sundar samatal mein॥”

All the great men of the world have seen her divine form in the woman, due to which the woman becomes a means of progress, opulence, and welfare for the man, not only as a supplementary authority but also as a universal giver. Nature itself is doing the work of creation, nurturing, and enrichment of the universe in the form of a woman. Women’s hands are for making, not for destroying.  No matter how harsh a woman may become due to circumstances or nature, her natural tenderness can never disappear, in whose holy wind the world gets an incomparable life.

In the words of Premchand_

“Women are as patient, calm, and tolerant as the earth.”

The woman’s apparent tenderness and tolerance have been taken as a sign of her weakness many times by the man and hence she is called ‘Abla.

But he does not know that the condition of human life is possible only at the point of softness, and tolerance.  Is there any other option in the world other than mother?  There can be no such answer other than “No” which can serve, and nurture the child.  Wherever consciousness has manifested itself in a corporeal form in the world, the only credit goes to the woman.  There is no doubt that women are the making power of society, she sustains and nurtures society.

Woman in their various forms always leads a life of sacrifice, affection, reverence, patience, and tolerance for mankind.  The sense of intimacy and service for the parents is not so much in the son as in the daughter.

A daughter cannot be separated from her parents even after going to her in-laws’ house.  There is no alienation in her heart, in her heart, the same sense of respect and service remains as it was in childhood.  The brother-sister relationship is so ideal, so virtuous, and pure.  Brothers and sisters can be separated from each other, and they can harm each other, but brothers and sisters can never be separated for life.  Wherever the sister resides, wishing her good luck for her brother, she will continue to try for his good.

Mother is the only God, there is no one else in the world like a mother who cares for the welfare of the child, and thinks about his well-being, benefit, and interest.  All the people of the world may turn their backs but there is only one mother who is always ready to do everything for her child.

As a wife, a woman is not only the companion of a man’s life, she serves the welfare of the man in every way.

Shastrakar has described Bharya (wife) as a seeker of interest for a man in six ways_

“Karyeshu Dasi, Karaneshu Manthri, Bhojeshu Mata, Shayaneshu Rambha।

Roopeshu Lakshmi, Kshamayeshu Dharitri; Satkarma Nari, Kuladharma barya”

“कार्येषु मन्त्री करणेषु दासी, भोज्येषु माता, रमणेषु रम्भाः

धर्मानुकूला, क्षमाया धरित्री, भार्या च षड्गुण्यवती च दुर्लभा ॥”

‘She gives advice like a minister in work, devoted like a maid in service, tastes like a mother in providing food, gives joy like Rambha for enjoyment, like earth in holding righteousness and forgiveness  Forgive. A woman with such six qualities is indeed a rare gem in this world.’

The Ramayana would have been ineffective if Sita had been removed from Rama’s life.  If the character period of Draupadi, Kunti, Gandhari, etc. is removed, the great saga of Mahabharata remains nothing, and the life struggle of Pandavas remains incomplete.  Parvati with Shiva, Radha with Krishna, Sita with Rama, Lakshmi with Vishnu, the name which comes before the name of a man, if it is removed, then their Lila, saga, and character remain incomplete.

Since ancient times, women are not only looking at the house, or household, it is also big to come. In all the fields of society, politics, religion, law, and justice, she has not only been a companion of men but has also been a helper and a motivator. They have been given a revered place in society.

Maharaj Manu had also told the subjects of his kingdom that’s _

‘yatr naaryastu poojyate ramante tatr devataah’

“यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः ।

Where women are worshipped, the gods reside there. Because by giving an equal revered place to a woman in society, when she is made a partner, and helper of man, only then prosperity, fame, and glory increase, through which happiness, peace, and life can be lived.

There is no doubt that the cooperation of women is necessary for progress and development in human life.  That society cannot progress, where the woman, who is not only a medium of human life but a great power, is deprived of social rights and kept as a loaf and a pauper.

The need is that we should give women the same prestige in society, that our sages (Maharshis and Munis) have ordered.  Take it forward in all walks of life.  We will see that the woman will not be helpless, but will become an idol of power.  She will not be a burden for us in the journey of life but will prove to be our helper and ally.  Then we will not have to worry about his future.  She will be able to protect herself.  Will be able to make a living.  It is a very important demand of our social life that for centuries, hidden in the four walls of the house, in the veil of dirty curtains and burqa, the dependent, paralyzed, uneducated, superstitious narrow nature should lift the woman from the present plight.  Provide her with the humanitarian facility of equality, and liberty.  Make him educated, self-supporting, cultured, and capable.  Only then will she be able to help us in our development.  Will contribute to making Indian culture proud.

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Greetings, I am Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi, a psychologist with extensive expertise in criminal behavior and its impact on psychological well-being. I hold a Master of Physics (Honors), a Master of Philosophy, a Master of Psychology, and a PhD in Psychology from BHU in India.Over the past 13 years, I have been privileged to serve more than 3200 patients with unique and varied psychological needs. My clinical work is guided by a deep passion for helping individuals navigate complex psychological issues and live more fulfilling lives.As a recognized contributor to the field of psychology, my articles have been published in esteemed Indian news forums, such as The Hindu, The Times of India, and Punjab Kesari. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been honored by the Government of Israel for my contributions to the Psychological Assistance Program.I remain committed to advancing our understanding of psychology and its applications through my ongoing research, which can be found on leading online libraries such as Science Direct, Wiley, Elsevier, Orcid, Google Scholar, and loop Frontiers. I am also an active contributor to Quora, where I share my insights on various psychological issues.Overall, I see myself as a lifelong student of psychology, constantly learning and growing from my patients, colleagues, and peers. I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to serve others in this field and to contribute to our collective understanding of the human mind and behavior.

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