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What is Rape & Different Types of Rape?

What is Rape & Different Types of Rap
What is Rape & Different Types of Rap

Rape is a crime. It’s when a person’s body is penetrated without consent. It can happen to both men and women. There are several types of rape. They are Stranger rape: This is when a victim doesn’t know the perpetrator. Acquaintance rape: This is when the victim and perpetrator know each other, such as friends, coworkers, or classmates. Date rape: This is when a victim is in a romantic or sexual relationship with the perpetrator. Marital rape: This is when a spouse is forced to have sexual activity without their consent. Gang rape: This is when multiple perpetrators participate. Statutory rape: This is when a victim is under the legal age of consent.

Let’s understand this systematically in detail.


What is called rape? And we will know about the types of rape in this article. And you must have heard words like rape a lot and you must know it. Come on, it keeps getting printed in the newspapers that the innocent girl has been raped or raped. If you read the newspaper carefully, you would know that not even a single day passes without the news of rape being published on the front page of the newspaper. Don’t know how many girls are becoming victims of rape.

If we talk about some developed countries, then they’re also women’s power is getting reduced a lot.

If we talk about the US, then from 1990 to 2021, the number of rapes is doubling in its statistics and is catching pace somewhere, which is a matter of great shame

In this sequence, if we look at France, women are not very safe there either. [https://www.statista.com/statistics/1103661/rape-on-woman-age-victim-france/].

 The situation is worse in the UK where according to reports 1 in every 4 women succumbs to the wolves of lust on some pretext or the other.

 If we talk about Russia, according to the report of the UN, there seems to be increasing distress there, which shows the result of a very poor mentality. 

 According to the world-famous newspaper outlook, an incident like rape, which shows the poor and fallen mentality, is being used by Russian soldiers as their weapon.


Japan, Keeping in view the education system of Japan, the current situation there is not satisfactory.  Reforms desperately needed [https://www.statista.com/statistics/864883/japan-reported-cases-rape-and-forcible-indecencies/]

 China, Some systematic and accurate comments cannot be made about China, this has to do with the unnecessary restriction of the government on the journalism of its country, as a result of which innocent citizens have to bear the consequences.  According to the report, there have been incidents related to the rape of women [https://www.statista.com/statistics/1248115/number-of-assault-rape-murder-crimes-in-china/]

But believing in it would be like mixing oil with water perfectly.

There is news from India that a female doctor was raped and her body burnt [https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/bengaluru-news/karnataka-hc-order-on-medical-test-of-rape  -victims-doctors-can-t-be-callous-101646819610610.html]

Friends, this is not the incident n this country only.  And no this is not happening for the first time.  This has happened many times when women are tortured.  And we know how the laws of big countries all over the world become small for women!  and how it works.  Caught in crime and lack of fear which is necessary for crime and if somehow caught in this case then they are punished after a long process.

Types Of Rape: The Different Forms Of Rape

This is the reason why rape cases are increasing rapidly. If once the government changes the law of rape and makes it a law that the accused of rape should be hanged only within 7 days. I don’t think after that any man will even look at a woman by raising his eyes. But it is not possible so soon.

Although there have been changes in the laws of rape within the last few years and the work of strengthening these laws is going on fast, but still, these laws are not strong enough to punish rapists fast.

What Is Rape ?

Friends, do you know what is called rape? If you do not know then we will tell you.

If you forcefully have sex with a woman against her will, it amounts to rape. If you are having sex with a woman against her will, then it will not be called rape. Friends, if a woman is under 18 years of age and a man makes a relationship with her, then it is considered rape, whether it is against her will or not. It doesn’t matter.

Men usually take advantage of a woman’s weakness. Instead of other animals, nature has made women much weaker than men and for this reason, some men dominate the woman and try to force her.

If women themselves are careful then they can avoid all these.  We believe that women’s safety is important, but women themselves should not be careless about their safety.

 Anyway, women are not that safe all over the world.  Even today people prevent women from leaving the house at night.  Because they always have the fear of something untoward happening.  If you are also a woman, then you should keep every means of your safety with you at all times because you do not know when what will happen.  There are only animals roaming around and they can eat you if they get a chance.

Types Of Rape?

Friends, there are many types of rape. By the way, looking at them, it seems that a woman is not safe anywhere. What a woman feels no one else can feel. If you are a man, you can never feel how a woman walks in a street. And how people compete to impress him.

This does not happen only inside the villages.  The same happens in cities.  Although I do not know that this happens.  How do people’s dirty eyes stare at women?  Well, I don’t get time to watch it all.  But when one of my many patients told me about himself that he got married, my wife started telling me about the environment of our village.  He said that many people try to kill him.  And I don’t like all this.  But what can I do, I am a girl, I cannot speak.  If I speak, I will be defamed.

 Friends, this happens not only with the wife of one of my patients but also with your wife and sister.  It’s just that sometimes they don’t say anything about it, they suppress their mind.

There are many people who are not able to rape in real but don’t know how many times they have raped every woman in their mind. Friends, this is really wrong. There is nothing wrong if you feeling something like this about your wife or someone you love. But if you think about any other woman other than her then it is a sin. Especially when the woman doesn’t like you at all. Friends, the Hindu religion says that no person should do bad to anyone by mind, action, and promise.

Many people say religion is bad but we say that if all human beings are taught religion properly, then I do not think that any person would do such a thing as rape. Rape is committed by those people who are ignorant and who do not know what they should do?

As we told you above that a woman is not safe even inside the house. Many such incidents have also come to the fore. In which a father or a brother raped a sister. In such cases, women do not even open their mouths because they are afraid that if they open their mouths they will be thrown out of the house and then where will they go. By doing this, in a way, they increase the oppression of themselves, so friends, now let us know about the type of rape.

What is Date Rape?

You do not need to tell much about the term date rape. Friends date rape is a friend of the girl or woman or it can be her partner. Two couples inside date rape who know each other well and go somewhere for a walk. There a relationship is made with the woman against her will.

Friends, the correct definition of date rape is that when a member of the woman’s acquaintance who is dating her makes a relationship with her, then it comes under date rape. The biggest thing about this rape is that it is a hidden rape. About which the woman cannot even tell anyone. Because the decision to date is also his but the decision to make a relationship is not his.

Now even if we assume that a woman is dating a known person and that known person rapes her after getting a chance. Now, if that woman opposes him and goes inside the police against him or speaks elsewhere, then her respect will be further tarnished. In fact, after the rape, only the woman is seen with a bad eye. Such is our mentality. Apart from all this, if a girl gets raped then it becomes difficult for her to get married.

Rape on the pretext of marriage, you must have heard this word many times. Which means having a physical relationship with a girl by trapping her in the trap of marriage. By the way, this is also a kind of rape. But in this, both men and women make a relationship with each other of their own free will. According to statistics, in the year 2016, a total of 41,761 rape cases have been registered in NEWYORK [ https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/18/nyregion/manhattan-da-rape-cases-dropped.html ]. And among them, 33 percent of the cases are of date rape. In which the woman was raped on the pretext of marriage.

Well, this is the number that has come to the fore. Apart from this, date rapes also happen. which never appear. Friends, the only way to stop this type of rape is that women to be careful and if they believe that their partner can never cheat on them then only be ready to have a relationship with them.

Apart from all this, in some cases, it has also been seen that the friend of the woman rapes the woman. When the woman is alone with them, they give the woman some intoxicant or do it by drinking more alcohol. According to a report by the National Victim Center of the United States , most of the victims of date rape are women who are inside the college. There are or go to college.

By the way, many cases of date rape come to light inside India. If a man rapes a woman by intoxicating her, the court considers it a crime. But if the woman is educated and there is love between the two, they make love with mutual consent, then the court does not consider it as rape. In some cases, the court had said that if an educated woman loves a man and he makes a relationship of her own free will and later there is a rift in the relationship of both, then the woman cannot file a rape case against that man.

What is Gang Rape?

You do not need to tell much about gang rape. And for this, there is a strict law in India. You must be remembering the Nirbhaya incident in which a girl was raped by some miscreants and was treated very badly. Friends, inside a gang rape, some men forcefully make a relationship with a woman in turn.

The chances of survival of a woman in a gang rape case are very less. In many cases, either the accused kill the woman or the woman herself becomes suicide.

Till now the cases of gang rape keep coming to the fore every day. In gang rape, the woman becomes completely helpless. How can a single woman compete with so many men? In the Nirbhaya case, some boys tried to rape the woman and then threw her half-dead.

You all know what happened after the Nirbhaya incident.

[ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-63817388 ] The public was very angry and there was a demand everywhere to arrest the accused. There was a lot of pressure on the police. First the bus driver Ramsingh was caught by the police. After all this, the police interrogated the bus driver and caught all the accused. AIn mid these cases, the accused Ram Singh had committed suicide inside the jail. That’s right, how can God spare those who do cruelty to others? Apart from this, the court awarded a death sentence to the accused in this case.

Many more cases of gang rape are coming to the fore in India. And in this matter, the law in India is also not very strict. This is the reason why criminals remain fearless.

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What Is Marital Rape?

You must have heard about Marital Rape which in Hindi means Married Rape. Friends, if a man makes a physical relationship with his wife against her will, then it is called Marital Rape. However, this type of rape is very difficult to detect, because it is not so easy to find out how the relationship is made. By the way, there is no specific law regarding marital rape in India.

Because the government did not wants that due to such a law, the risk of creating a rift inside the relationship increased. To some extent, it is similar to domestic violence in a way. Some men force their wives to have an unnatural relationship, and that too comes under this. By the way, inside the USA, women are rarely able to oppose their husbands. The biggest reason for this is that most women are completely dependent on their husbands.

They know that if they refuse their husband, then their husband may get angry with them which can become a problem for them. That’s why women suppress their desire and give importance to their husband’s desires. By the way, there is no provision to prevent marital rape in the constitution of the USA [https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/marital-rape-laws.html ] It has been told that if the age of the wife is less than 12 years, then having a relationship with her comes under crime.

In marital rape, a woman and a man are husband and wife, and the husband who has sex with the woman against her will is considered guilty. But, if we look at the closeness of the relationship, it doesn’t look like a rape.

  Suppose a woman loves her husband and her husband forces her to have a relationship, then she is unable to deny her husband and how can she file a case against her husband? Because she knows that if she does so, on the contrary, she is going to be harmed. There is domestic violence law in India. In which a husband beats his wife, then the wife can file a case against her husband.

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What Is Serial Rape?

Serial rape means that a person who is addicted to rape and has committed many rapes. Inside which many women can also be victims and children can also be a victim. Richard Huckle, a dangerous serial rapist of Britain [ https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-50072903 ], was killed by someone inside the jail. It is said that he had raped more than 200 children and was also sentenced to 25 years. It was written inside the diary of this rapist that I like raping women very much. Although such rapists are few.

On November 18, 2018, the police caught a 22-year-old serial rapist named Sunil [ https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/they-had-twins-after-25-years-serial-rapist-killed-1/articleshow/66742341.cms ]. Police told a news channel that this serial rapist used to rape girls up to the age of 8 and then kill them. He used to take the girl coming inside the Bhandara with him by luring her with toffee and then raped her and broke her leg. Then drink alcohol and celebrate. Friends, a serial rapist is a kind of mental patient.

A special thing about a serial rapist is that he rapes inside a special pattern. Although this pattern can be different for every serial rapist.

What Is Payback Rape?

Payback rape is also a type of rape. Which can be called revenge rape. For example, if a person attacks another person and then avenges that attack, the person rapes a female member of his household, then it is known as Payback rape. Payback rape can happen in a situation of hostility. If a person takes revenge for the wrong done to him by raping the woman of his house, then it is Payback rape. One person can also be involved in this misdeed. And many people can also be involved.

What Is War Rape?

Friends, in ancient times, very cruel kings used to usurp the kingdom of another king with the help of their power, and after that forceful relations were made with the women living there. Rajputi women inside India used to do Jauhar together many times to escape from the clutches of enemies.

Often, along with the state that won the war, the women there were also considered a part of that victory and after that, the soldiers who were inside the army used to catch the women and rape them. Friends, many times such wars have also happened in history. In which a king had attacked another kingdom to get the beauty queen.

War rape has been considered a war crime since 1949. Article 27 of the Fourth Geneva Convention [ https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/en/ihl-treaties/gciv-1949/article-27], explicitly bans war rape and enforced prostitution. In 1998, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda established by the United Nations made a landmark ruling that rape is a crime of genocide under international law. [https://legal.un.org/avl/ha/ictr/ictr.html ]

In a judgment, Navaneethem Pillay said: “From time immemorial, rape has been treated as a spoil of war. Now it will be considered a war crime. We want to send a strong message that rape is no longer a trophy of war.

What Is Custodial Rape?

Custodial rape is also a type of rape. Within this, if a government official rapes a woman using his power, then it comes under Custodial rape. For example, if a police officer forces a woman to have a relationship so that he can do some work for her in return. Apart from this, the rape of women living inside the orphanage by the officials there comes under this.

What Is Prision Rape?

Prison rape means rape done inside the jail. Friends, homosexual rape usually happens inside the jail because males and females are kept separately there. Rape inside the jail is often done by people who have good influence inside the jail. These people are mentally ill. According to NPREC, 12-13% of these rapes are committed by mentally ill prisoners.

What Is Statutory Rape?

Statutory Rape means when a woman or a man has sex with a minor person. Like a man having a relationship with a 13-year-old girl. Even if the minor has given consent for it, even then legally it is considered rape. Because the consent of the minor is not legally accepted.

What Is Exchange Rape?

Exchange rape means that when a man hands over his wife to other people or in general the exchange of wife comes under exchange rape. However, this does not happen in common people. But this happens in high-profile people. But all are not the same.

What Is Punitive Rape?

Punitive rape means. That form of rape is used as punishment. Although this type of rape is legally wrong. For example, if a woman commits a crime, she is punished for rape. Such rapes used to happen in ancient times. The evil kings used to catch the daughters-in-law of their enemies and rape them. It was like a punishment for them.

What Is Position Rape?

Status rape means from any one class. For example, a class rapes women of a lower class than itself. Within this rape, a particular community can also come to do this.

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